Horizon Treadmills

Horizon Fitness is a popular brand in the fitness equipment market, produced by Johnson Tech, Inc., the same company that makes Cateye, Matrix and Vision treadmills. They have been manufacturing fitness equipment for both home and commercial use for the last 25 years.

Horizon treadmills are known for their decent quality at competitive prices. They are keeping up to the competition by packing a lot of features in their machines. Especially in the 800 – 1200$ price range Horizon has some models which are good overall machines. The production has been moved to China which helps Horizon to maintain a price advantage over other similar models. The designs look good, and the company itself is ISO9001 certified, which says a lot about their dedication to quality,

There is a wide range of models available from the basic motorized treadmills to the heavy duty ones. You can choose the one according to your budget and exercise needs. To help you choose a treadmill, you can refer to treadmill buyers guide.

Horizon treadmills range from basic models like 1.3T which comes with a 1.75 CHP motor or 5.3T which is a heavy machine with a 2.75 CHP motor. Most of the models are priced around 800 – 1200$ range with some exceptions which go into premium segment. Models like 5.3T, T1200 and T6 are heavy duty treadmills for a more intensive workout.

There are some common features available all through the product range like COMFORTzone System which offer cushioning while running, preset programs, console feedbacks and monitors which in making your treadmill workouts more effective.

Though aggressively priced there are some points to consider. Some of the parts are plastic molded, which can easily break with heavier use. And there are users who feel that assembling a Horizon treadmill is rather difficult. Smooth and Proform are the other strong contenders in this segment.

Good warranties are offered by the company which is usually a lifetime warranty on the motor and the frame and a 1 year part and labor warranty.

A few models like Horizon 5.3t treadmill, Horizon t81 treadmill, Horizon t700 treadmill, Horizon club t500 treadmill and Horizon t1200 treadmill are reviewed on this site elsewhere.

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