Precor 9.33 treadmill

Precor treadmills offer one of the best workout experiences on a treadmill. The components that go into this machine are built to last, that is why they can afford to offer a 10 year parts warranty. The company has a reputation to build high quality treadmills with long warranties. They have been in the fitness industry for over 20 years and have invested millions into research and development to provide the best quality machines. They cater to premium segment of treadmills and the products are in the range of 2500$ and above. The Precor treadmills are usually higher in price when compared to other brands. But at the same time it is assembled with highly durable parts and therefore the quality is good.


The Precor 9.33 Treadmill has some beneficial upgrades over the Precor 9.31. 9.33 has a great design with a powerful 3.0 CHP motor, speeds ranging from 0.5 to 12 mph (0.8-20 km/h). It has a good powder coated steel frame making the machine weigh 335lbs. You can adjust the intensity with inclines up to 15%. There are 16 preset programs to choose from combined with multiple user IDs that makes it easy to focus on your fitness goals.

Precor treadmill uses the Integrated foot plant technology™ which adjusts belt speed to foot speed that fully complements and supports your natural running stride. The Ground Effects® Impact Control System absorbs the shock of impact and stabilizes lateral movement while you walk or run reducing impact on joints.

The console has touch-sensitive controls which respond as soon as your finger lightly touches the recessed button area.

CR rated the Precor 9.33 as “Excellent” for quality, exercise range and ergonomics. Precor offers a very generous 10 year parts and wear items warranty with one year labor and a Lifetime warranty on frame. The only thing that people don’t like about Precor 9.33 treadmill is the price. There are some other good choices available when you are spending good money. Life fitness treadmills have some good option in the premium segment.

Precor treadmills

If anyone is looking for a high quality treadmill then Precor treadmills would be the best choice. Precor exercise treadmills innovative software and superior hardware are merged to provide the variety, efficiency, and comfort. The company pride themselves in offering high quality treadmills which are backed by long warranties.

Precor has been manufacturing high quality fitness equipment since the early 80’s. They are one of those companies who invest millions in their research and development. Recognized for its great durability and reliability, it’s no surprise that this treadmill can be found in many fitness gyms. Precor treadmills are designed to follow and respond to the natural ergonomics of the body as well as the natural stride of each individual step during any type of stride from walking to full-out running.

Precor Treadmills ranges from $3,000 to $5,000 and above. They fall in treadmill’s high priced range. They use materials of the highest quality to manufacture these extremely durable treadmills. They give an unbeatable warranty to their products. They offer a lifetime warranty on frame and welds, 1 year on labor and a 10 year warranty on parts.

Every Precor has a powerful 3.0 HP Continuous Duty motor which has enough power to suit everyone’s need. Standard features on every Precor model are an oversized deck, a powerful motor, quality electronics and a reversible belt.

A Precor treadmill also has an Integrated Footplant™ Technology where as your foot hits the deck it reads the energy and uses the information to make minute belt-speed adjustments as you run.

The Ground Effects® Impact Control System absorbs the shock of impact while you walk or run. Reducing impact lowers the risk of injury to lower back, knees, shins and ankles. In addition, Ground Effects controls lateral motion, providing an increased sense of security.

Treadmills are designed with easy-to-read, navigable consoles that make sense.

Precor sells their equipment only through authorized dealers, which means that no one is buying a knock-off, and they have full control over warranties and repairs.

The industry renowned treadmill evaluation complied by fitness magazine Runners World placed Precor in their top ten treadmills. Treadmill Doctor lists the Precor 9.35i treadmill as a best buy and the Precor 9.33i treadmill as 1st runner up in the $3,000 to $4,000 category. The Precor treadmill 9.31 treadmill was a 1st runner up in the $2,500 to $3,000 category.

The only issue with Precor treadmills would be the price but you get a high quality, efficient and durable machine for that amount which will last through the years.