Cross Trainers

Cross trainers or elliptical trainers are stationary exercise machine that enables a person to stand up while working out. It simulates walking, running, or climbing the stairs without adding too much pressure on the joints. It is for this reason that people with injuries can still use this machine to stay fit. It can also be used to perform light or high-intensity based non-impact cardiovascular workout.  Cross trainers are also considered as an example of a weight bearing form of exercise and they also target the person’s upper and lower body

There are a lot of variations of cross trainers nowadays. Some can be self-powered using the user’s motion and some need to be plugged in to adjust motions and/or to supply their electronic consoles and resistance systems. The types of elliptical cross trainers are categorized by their motor or “drive” location. The three types of cross trainers are the “rear drive” type which is also considered as the oldest, the “front drive”, and the latest is the “center drive”.

The parts of the body that cross trainers’ targets are the same with the treadmill- the leg muscles and the heart.  But other than that, there are still a couple of advantages that elliptical cross trainers have compared to other exercise machines. Unlike the other machines which can only target one or two body parts, the cross trainer offers an overall fitness package for the body.

It also maintains bone density through its weight bearing form of exercise and creates a low impact workout by doing continuous elliptical motion. Learning to use this equipment is not hard because its principle is just similar to walking. Performing a whole body workout is also possible because the user can work the upper body muscles holding the handle of the equipment.  Planning and monitoring your cardio workouts is made easy by its onboard computers. The mechanical parts of the equipment are also not that hard to replace because it is simple equipment.

Most of the advanced exercisers think that the cross trainers are less effective compared to doing an aerobic exercises, running, or jogging. They think that since it is so easy and a low impact form of exercise, then it doesn’t give a lot of benefits, but they are wrong. Not because this fitness equipment is so easy and soft, it doesn’t mean that it less effective. Actually, a user who is doing the same intensity workout either by running or by using the cross trainer will feel less fatigue with the cross trainer because it offers a lower rate of perceived exertion. So whether you want to exercise to lose weight or just to increase your fitness level, cross trainers will surely be able to help you achieve your goal.

Home elliptical machine

If you need a home elliptical machine, there are many good choices available, from which you can choose from. Almost all the major brands of fitness equipment have these elliptical machines for offer in different price ranges. If you are an occasional user a budget machine will be sufficient for you but if you are serious about you workouts and exercise regularly, then it is better to go for a heavy duty machine which can last for a couple of years without any kind of a issue.

The one fitness equipment which can be used by everyone in the family is a home elliptical machine. They are easy on joints and are capable of giving you a workout with as much intensity as you want. You can increase or decrease the intensity of the workouts according to your exercise goals.  In fact they are more efficient than treadmills in a lot of ways. You can get a complete cardio workout with a good elliptical trainer. The premium elliptical trainers can give you the benefits of skiing, rowing and cycling all the same time which makes it an ideal machine to use at home.

One of the main benefits of having any kind of basic and at home is that you can get a complete workout in the comfort of your home which gives you a time and a place freedom for your exercises. You can watch television along with your workout. If you have a busy schedule and cannot get time to visit a gym every day, then having a elliptical trainer at home can be a really good option.

Home elliptical machines are available in different price ranges so that everyone is able to get one according to their budget. When buying these trainers you should keep a few factors in mind such as a powerful motor, stability, safety, good quality running belt, warranties etc. With premium brands you can be assured of a good quality product but they do come at a relatively higher price. With some basic research, you can easily find a good product which comes in your budget and offers good quality as well.


Elliptical trainers and weight loss

Most of us are always looking for shortcuts when it comes to weight loss. It can range from getting the popular weight loss pill to trying out the latest weight loss diet which is being endorsed by some celebrity. Losing weight is not a rocket science yet a lot of people find it extremely tough to lose weight.

It essentially comes down to two things, diet and exercise and if anyone tells you anything different, you should be doubtful of him. There are a lot of exercise machines that are quite helpful in losing weight. One of them is elliptical trainers or cross trainers. Elliptical trainers and weight loss is a great combination if you know how to program your workout well.

Elliptical trainers can give you good cardio workouts and it also help to tone your muscles of both lower and upper body. Most of the elliptical trainers can be adjusted for intensity of the workouts so that user of different fitness levels find it easy to use.  Treadmills are much more popular exercise machines because they have been around for some time but elliptical trainers have many advantages over treadmills.

There are no jerky movements of your body when you are working out on an elliptical trainer. It is more of a circular motion and your feet don’t really leave the steps.  This makes it ideal for people who have knee or joint problems.  This is a machine which you can have for your home exercise routine and all the members of your family can use it.  For best results with elliptical trainers and weight loss, use it daily till you are comfortable with it and then increase the intensity of your exercise with your comfort level. Just make sure that you don’t go too fast with your exercises.