Nordic track elliptical trainers reviews

Nordic track is a quite a well known brand in fitness equipment industry. Nordic track treadmills are have a good range and are popular among fitness enthusiasts. Treadmills are good for indoor cardio exercises but elliptical trainers are catching up to them in terms of good cardiovascular machines. You can read about elliptical Vs treadmills in a previous article.

Elliptical trainers can give you a good cardiovascular workout. Usually they acquire up about as much space as a treadmill and are a safer workout than treadmills. There is an added advantage of an elliptical workout that you can use your upper body along with your lower body movements which is good for an overall exercise.

So how good are Nordic track elliptical trainer reviews. There are a number of models of Nordic Track elliptical trainers to choose from according to your budget and fitness goals.

The Nordic Track elliptical is a heavy unit and by comparable standards with other ellipticals, not very solidly constructed. A few models of Nordic Track elliptical trainers are the Ellipse, the Space Saver (fold up), the Ramp series also known as Auto Strider series and the A series(ASR 700 and ASR 1000). Unlike other brands of cross-trainers or elliptical exercise machines, Nordic Track ellipticals are affordable. A good feature is the adjustability of some of their settings. The resistance and incline of the trainer can be adjusted for a more challenging workout for your requirement which help you loose more weight effectively. Space saver elliptical has a unique design which folds up neatly if you have space constraints which makes it a popular choice.

The NordicTrack elliptical machines are built with a long stride with a variety of resistant settings able of adapting to any user’s needs. With long strides, most users can use the machine effectively as it targets more muscle groups. But for some short people a long stride may not be comfortable. Most NordicTrack elliptical machines come with an LCD screen, you can download programs and fit it straight to your machine for an extra workout. Other than these models there is Nordic track commercial series elliptical (1300 and A.C.T.)available for commercial or heavy duty use in clubs and gyms.

A Nordic track elliptical can be a good choice for your exercise regime. Just decide on the model you want to buy and get on to some exiting and healthy lifestyle.

Nordic Track Treadmills

Nordic Track is one of the premium brands of Icon Fitness, the largest manufacturers of fitness equipments in the world. Icon has other well known brands like Proform, Reebok, Weslo, Image and Healthrider in their family. Being the largest manufacturer, quality of the product is always maintained with in house R&D and quality tests.

Infact they are quite innovative with a lot of features you won’t find in other machines like their iFit technology. iFit allows you to connect your machine to the internet via a computer and download new fitness programs direct to the exercise treadmill for an additional fee.

Nordic Track treadmills also have a feature known as “Reflex deck Technology” in some of the models which absorbs the impact well due to its shock absorbing deck. You could also adjust the different levels of shock absorption according to the preferences with their adjustable cushion deck.

You also have a music port with built in speakers in some of the models which is compatible for your iPod giving you a quality sound while you workout.

Some of the premium models like Nordic Track Viewpoint 3000, Nordic Track Elite 7500 and Nordic Track Viewpoint 3500 offer features like built in flat screen TVs to make your treadmill workouts more interesting. You could walk on the treadmill watching your favorite programs or DVDs.

Nordic Track treadmills also have a space saver design which makes it easy to fold and store the machine, so you don’t really have to worry about the lack of space.

Other features depend on the kind of model you are looking for and vary according to the budget you have. Usually the premium range will give you extra features with a good value of money and if you are on tight budget you should opt for a model with well set basic features atleast.

You can refer to the treadmill buyer’s guide for tips on buying a good treadmill.

Nordic Track treadmill reviews- The C 2200 was given rated as best buy by the consumer reports. Now you have latest models like C 2500 and C 2155. Institutional Treadmill S 3000 is also well rated among fitness experts and Runner’s world magazine because of its sturdy design and a powerful 5 CHP commercial grade motor. Premium models like Elite 7500 and Elite 7000 also offer a good value for money. You can choose from A series, C series, Viewpoint series and Reflex series according to your needs.