Proform exercise equipment

Proform is the flagship manufacturer for the Icon fitness brand and is an industry leader in treadmills, ellipticals and exercise bikes. Icon is, without a doubt, the largest company in the market and because of this can produce a better product at a lower price. Proform exercise equipment gives you some amazing options to choose from its variety of products. Especially since these equipments are priced competitively when compared to market prices of similar products from other companies.

Proform is a popular brand in fitness industry especially with their treadmills. They have innovative designs and features in their products which make them a good buy. Features like spacesaver fold away design and ifit technology set the trend in the market. Product themselves are good quality because of years of experience in fitness industry and most of them would be in the budget category so anyone can afford them. Just make sure what are your fitness goals, what kind of usage you are looking forward to and how much can you spend.

The product range of Proform exercise equipment includes treadmills, elliptical trainers, exercise bikes, ab machines, stair climbers and vibration machines. You can find the popular treadmill models like proform crosswalk and crosstrainer series of treadmills, Proform perspective series and ilog series of treadmills. That gives a fair range of treadmills to choose from. Proform treadmills are economical and do offer lots of workout features. Proform treadmill is a good option for users who are looking for a standard treadmill under $1000.

Proform elliptical trainers also have a wide range to choose from. You can find something like 450, 650t or a 1200 pro elliptical or a differently designed Proform crosswalk 850 elliptical.

Another good Profrom exercise equipment would be Proform exercise bikes. The company has both upright and recumbent style bikes. You can compare GT 30 and GR 80 if you want something basic or go for Proform 5.0R which gives you an interesting workout with games to play. The GR 80, GR 90 and GT 120 are the recumbent models. The cost of ProForm exercise bikes start at around $150 to $500 and their price makes them an attractive proposition for many.

Proform Ab Glider

Proform ab glider

Proform ab glider is a popular ab exercise machine from proform. It helps you in getting the maximum benefit from the core exercises by giving you a combination of different motions which are designed to give you maximum impact for your exercises.  Proform Ab Glider engages your muscles in a much better way which helps in a better workout.

The user friendly design ensures that your neck or back does not get unnecessary strain minimizing the chances of any injury. Build quality and durability of this product will guarantee you a really good workout for a long period of time.  Check out more features of this product here.

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Proform ab glider Proform Ab Glider 


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Proform crosswalk 425 treadmill

Proform is a renowned name in fitness equipments. Proform crosswalk treadmills give you that extra upper body workout that you do not get from standard treadmills. This not only increase the amount of calories and fat that you burn with each workout, but also keeps your full body toned, and not just your legs.


The Proform crosswalk 425 treadmill is the latest model on offering. It has some nice features available some of which are listed as under:

  • Full on board electronic control panel with 2 different preset calories workouts to add to your own specific goals. This attractive, tinted LCD display tracks your speed, time, distance, calories burned and pulse so you can monitor your progress throughout your workout, while allowing you to choose which reading appears in the main display.
  • 3 year warranty on the Mach 1.3 CHP drive motor for smooth reliable power.
  • Instead of tediously scrolling through options, QuickSpeed™ allows you to instantly change the speed of the treadmill between 0-10 MPH with the single touch of a button.
  • Up to 10% Power Incline, which allows you to effortlessly change your incline so you can burn more calories, get a better cardio workout while working at a lower speed.
  • Pro-Soft Plus impact reduction for 22% less joint impact. Less joint impact is important for your joint health now and for when you get older. Help protect your joint health with ProSoftPlus.
  • EKG Heart Rate Monitor.
  • 17″ x 50″ treadbelt for long strides.

  • 250 pound weight capacity.

ProForm is the leading seller of budget treadmills. They dominate the market and can be found in major retailers. Proform should be your best choice if you have a limited budget.

However there are a few things that should be taken into consideration while choosing Proform crosswalk 425 treadmill.

1.3 CHP motor is a small motor that does not offer a great deal of power and will probably strain if you kick up the speed or incline. Ideally you should have a 2 CHP motor for a walking treadmill. Both the height and length of the treadbelt should have been more if they are to be used by a tall person. How ever the deck is well cushioned and the console is user friendly.

If you are on a budget and looking for a good budget brand, this could be your choice.