Epic 450 mx treadmill review


Epic 450 MX treadmill is one of the popular models by epic treadmills. Most of the entry level treadmills by Epic have relatively good features than what is available in the market. Here is an Epic 450 MX treadmill review for anyone who is looking forward to get one for their home.

Firstly if you’re looking to buy a good treadmill for a reasonable price epic treadmills are a good choice. You may find a lot of treadmills under $1000 – $1200 but if you want something which is of decent quality and doesn’t cost a bomb this is one model you should consider.

Heavy users and serious runners should look at higher models which are also costlier. But Epic 50 MX does a good job for walkers and joggers. As most of you may know that epic treadmills is a brand owned by Icon health and fitness which is a well-known manufacturer of fitness equipment.

A good treadmill is judged by its overall quality which also includes motor, deck, frame and warranties. A sturdy stable frame, a heavy motor, good-quality wide deck and original warranty makes a great product.

Epic 50 MX treadmill eptl09605 has a 2.25 CHP motor which is more than enough for walking and jogging however serious runners and heavy users would need a more powerful motor. The deck and buried has a rear which is good for most users. The treadmill has a decent incline of 12% which can give you as intense workout as you want. The deck also has adequate questioning to absorb any movements and jerks. The treadmill features a basic display but it is quite clear and easily readable.

One important feature of this treadmill is that it is a foldable model which holds up completely so that you can store it easily when not in use. Multiple programs help in choosing different programs according to the choice of the user.

However we feel that the labor and parts warranties for 450 MX are a bit inadequate with only 90 days. Motor has a 10 year warranty.

For  entry level models, epic 450 MX treadmill is a good choice especially at the discounted price.

Epic treadmills

Epic treadmill models are part of the range of exercise products offered by Icon, an established health and fitness company. They also build ProForm treadmills, NordicTrack treadmills, Reebok, Image and Weslo treadmills. Icon has over 200 engineers designing and constructing treadmills, these units are sleek, attractive and offer popular features in their machines.
Epic is an older treadmill brand that was recently relaunched and is sold mainly through large retail stores like Costco. Epic treadmills are a popular low cost brand sold in Costco stores

The most well known of all the epic models is the Epic T60 treadmill. The Epic T60 is doing quite well in home treadmill reviews and was recently classed as a “best buy” in the $ 500-$ 1000 price range in a Treadmill Doctor review. The Epic T60 has been rated quite highly by reviewers for being an affordable discount treadmill, suitable for beginners. It has a 3HP motor and allows speeds of up to 12mph. Epic treadmills generally offer an outstanding 12-year warranty on the motor, but only 90 days on the rest.

The company offers another popular model Epic view 550 MX treadmill which is reviewed and rated as best buy by a consumer magazine. This model has a built-in, 7″ TV with multi-color, on-screen display and Intermix Acoustics in addition to a powerful 3.0 CHP motor and a 20″ X 60″ commercial tread belt.

People have doubts about the quality of Epic treadmills. The build quality is not quite as good as some of the other treadmills, but it really depends on what you want out of your exercise machine. For the price, Epic treadmills are reasonably dependable and will last for a fair period of time. If you want a high quality treadmill that lasts for years you will have to pay more. Before purchasing an Epic treadmill, investigate other brands and research the various models that are available to you. Nordic track treadmills and Horizon treadmills have a good range of treadmills. For more information on what to look for in a treadmill, refer to treadmill buyer’s guide.