Pacemaster Gold Treadmill

Pacemaster is a known for quality treadmills. Some of their machines have ranked well in recent years as they have a good 30 years of experience in the fitness industry. The products have been reviewed and well rated by the fitness experts. One of their best selling products is Pacemaster Gold Treadmill.

Gold Treadmill is a solid built product by Pacemaster with good dimensions, a heavy stable frame and a powerful motor which makes it a good choice for heavy users. It can withstand a user weight upto 400 lbs. The frame is welded and not bolted which give it the extra strength and stability.


A 3 CHP motor does its job well and is powerful enough to give a speed range of 0.5 mph to 12 mph (adjustable in 0.1 mph increments).

Running area is a wide 20″ x 60″ which is pretty good to run with overall dimensions being: 73.5″L x 33″W x 57″H.

An elevation range of 0% to 15% (adjustable in 0.5% increments) can be adjusted for maximum intensity. Most of the treadmills will give around a 10% range.

Belt is 2-ply Texglide stretch resistant and is rated for 10,000 miles.

A multicolor dot matrix display is easy to read.

Shock absorption is taken care by Tri-Flex Impact Shock Management System which is a optimal combination of frame, deck and cushions to absorb maximum impact.

9 presets and 3 custom programs give a good range of different treadmill workouts.

The treadmill itself weighs around 205 lbs.

Warranty is as under:

Frame – Lifetime

Motor- 12 year

Parts – 5 years

Labour- 1 year

Pacemaster gold treadmill is certainly one of the best models you can get for around 2000$. Always check out on dealer for any discounts and installations.

For anyone who has a limited space, there is a fold-up model available as well, known as Pacemaster Gold Elite Folding Treadmill.

This one is a good option for anyone who has a limited space for a treadmill as it can easily fit through a standard doorframe and also compacts to a floor footprint of just 34″ by 28″. Specs are almost the same as the non folding Gold model, It has a user weight capacity of 350 lbs and the weight of the machine itself is more than the non folding version at 260 lbs making it quite stable. An treadmill that gives a good workout and is a space saver.