Weight Adjustable Dumbells

Free weights like dumbbells and barbells are a cheap and effective way to set up a home gym or start up exercise at home. Exercise machines provide movement and isolation of muscles but there are some benefits of using free weights which expensive exercise machines can not provide. Free weights also improve your balance and power with resistance.

Dumbells are perhaps the most common and also the most effective piece of exercise equipment anyone can use. There are all kinds of dumbbells available for different exercises. In fact there are specific exercises which are best suited for dumbbells where you have to isolate a muscle group. They are designed in such a way that a muscle group is targeted and help in building muscles. Dumbell sets are available in all shapes and sizes. Weight adjustable dumbells is one of their popular form where in you can adjust the weight in the same dumbbell to perform heavy or light sets as per your requirement. Besides you don’t have to buy dumbells of different weights, just buy additional weights and use the same set of dumbells. Bayou Adjustable Dumbells are a popular brand in this category.

For your home use you can also have rubber coated dumbells which softens the impact on your floor while keeping them down and also there is a lesser chance of any kind of injury with them. If you get dumbells with a fixed weight which are available in different materials like cast iron dumbells or vinyl dumbells , then you will have to spend on dumbbell rack as well to keep them in an organized way and use them well. With weight adjustable dumbells you save on this space. So if you want to carry them along or want to save on your precious space, adjustable dumbbell sets are the best choice.