Using A Pilates Machine

Pilates and yoga are getting popular among the fitness enthusiasts all over the world. Pilates have a whole lot of health benefits besides improving on you systems and over all flexibility of the body. There is a lot more to Pilates than Mat pilates. There are more complex exercises and poses which can be done with the help of a Pilates machine.

Pilates machines can be used to take your exercise regime to the next level if you are comfortable with the practice of basics. There are many different types of Pilates workout machines but the ones which are more commonly known are the bigger ones. Pilates Reformer machine is perhaps the most common one and this is very effective equipment in a pilates workout.

Apart from Pilates reformer machine there are other machines such as ladder barrel, Cadillac, the Wunda chair, Ped a pul, Arm chair, foot corrector, Guillotine Tower and Posture Corrector. Aero Pilates Machine are also getting well known. Some of these machines may be unheard of but all these do help in increasing the fitness levels of the person using them.

Besides the Pilates exercise machines there are a lot of other small items which can help in pilates training or practice such as exercise balls, fitness bands, rotating disks or magic circles. With all these machines and equipment these are hundreds of different moves, poses and postures which can be practiced. However these exercises vary in terms of intensity and complexity. Some of them are for beginners while some of them can only be performed by advanced trainers. So in all a Pilates machine can be used in a lot of different ways. A good coach should be able to tell you about getting the maximum benefit from them. As in any other exercise, technique is very important for them to be effective and also to avoid any kind of injury.