Stair stepper exercise equipment

Stair stepper exercise equipment is considered as one of the most often used equipment in the gym. The principle behind it is that it is designed to make the users feel like they have climbed up a stair, and at the same time, still get the same health benefits from it.

There are two types of stair steppers. The first one is almost identical to a mini escalator called the Stepmills, and the other one which has two sport pedals that allows the users to work up and down just like as if they are climbing the stair. The Stepmills and the Generic steppers are able to provide anyone with a moderate to intense cardiovascular workout depending on the pace and the resistance that the user will apply. Intense workout will you make you breathe hard and sweat excessively. It is very important to check with your physician first especially if you have some complications in your heart to make sure and to know what is your limit for this machine.

There are a lot of benefits that we can get from this equipment. First is that it gives us a good cardiovascular exercise. On a real case, climbing up and down the stairs can really burn off calories and builds up our cardiovascular health. And the stair stepper exercise is able to give that kind of benefits. Out of the two types of stair stepper exercise equipment, the Stepmills is the most effective to burn calories because of the fact that it is almost similar to the actual stair climbing. On the average, a person can burn up to 13 calories per minute on the level of 10 to 20 using this stair stepper equipment.

The stair stepper is also perfect for building leg muscles. It is because its foot pedals are not so hard on the knees and has very low impact. This equipment will specifically target the calves, glutes and quads of the user. If you are looking at using this equipment to target your core area, you can do so by not leaning over on the rails of the equipment.

This equipment is so versatile that you can even use it as an aerobic exercise. Using this equipment can also aid in healthy weight loss. It is can also strengthen your immune system and can help you reduce the risk of having chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes and etc.  It can also build a stronger heart and helps to obtain a lower blood pressure.

Just a piece of advice, if it is your first time to use a stair stepper, please go slow especially if you will be using the Stepmills because they can be a bit tricky. It is also best to keep your feet comfortable with the pace first before you start increasing the intensity of your workout.

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